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Что эта Лиза делает?

Коммунистическая партия Китая собирает данные)
есть такая контора Bigo Technology Pte Ltd (Bigo Live, Likee, imo), где трудятся директором типа бывший сотрудник алибабы занимавшийся исследованиями и разработками в рекламной платформе электронной коммерции Alibaba, ранее работал в Baidu.
один из их сервисов Likee (Likee платформа для создания коротких видеороликов с передовыми инструментами для создания спецэффектов) продвигается в РФ.
а Лиза делает ролики в Likee видимо, которые нравятся другим детям.

дальше вполне стандартно:

AI Research & Production
Intelligent content recommendation, based on online DNN & GNN technology, effectively captures changes in each user's personalized interest and caters to their demand in real time, giving users a one-of-a-kind entertainment experience.
Our leading CV (Computer Vision) algorithm research covers image recognition, face detection, key point location and tracking, gesture tracking, portrait segmentation and video multidimensional analysis.
We provide real-time filtering of audio and video content with millisecond latency, including comprehensive detection of real-time content such as lewd content detection, drug detection, political terrorism detection, gambling detection and detecting dangerous individuals.
We are building an end-to-end AI platform with extremely powerful computing capabilities that empowers algorithmic innovation of Intelligent Content Recommendation, Computer Vision, Speech Recognition, and Natural Language Processing.

BIGO offers our unique technology as a modular platform that can be integrated on a national basis or within enterprise level. The module can be implemented with existing systems or fitted in to meet new objectives and requirements as set out by the client. One of the key uses is internet content management and segmentation based on local parameters or legislation. Paired together with human input, the AI will be able to learn rapidly for improved accuracy within seconds.
BaaS or Broadcasting as a Service enables businesses to widen their reach and connect with many on a personal level in real time. Based on live technology, production and excellent operation capability, the platform enables simultaneous connectivity for a vastly improved and efficient commercialisation of products.